Upgrading packages

It is recommended to upgrade packages in the following situations:

  • Before building a newer CheriBSD release;

    The release might require an updated toolchain (e.g., due to ABI changes in the release that must be supported by the toolchain).

  • After updating your host to a newer CheriBSD release;

    Package repositories are compiled for the ABI version used by the corresponding release, which might differ from the ABI of the previous release.

    Where practical, we intend to support packages from the immediately prior release on the newer release, but will make no effort to ensure that package repositories from even older releases continue to work.

    Additionally, package repositories for the newer release will most likely include updated third-party software versions that are tested against that release.

  • After finding a bug in a package (e.g., a library, a toolchain).

    It might happen that the bug you discovered has already been reported and fixed. If the package upgrade does not resolve your issue, please report the bug.

Use the following commands to upgrade your packages:

CheriABIHybrid ABI
pkg64c upgradepkg64 upgrade

If you do not want perform the upgrade itself but only check if newer versions are available, use the -n flag:

CheriABIHybrid ABI
pkg64c upgrade -npkg64 upgrade -n

You can read more on the upgrade command at pkg-upgrade(8) or in your console with man pkg-upgrade.