Useful commands

The following list includes useful commands to manage packages. Replace <pkg> with pkg64c to execute a command in the context of CheriABI packages and with pkg64 in the context of hybrid ABI packages.

Most pkg commands have separate man pages describing them. For a command <pkg> foo, you can read its man page by executing man pkg-foo on a CheriBSD host.

  • List available package manager commands:
    <pkg> help
  • Read more information on a package manager command:
    <pkg> help <command>
  • Search a package repository:
    <pkg> search <pattern>
  • Search a package repository and display full information:
    <pkg> search --full <pattern>
  • List installed packages:
    <pkg> info
  • Display information for an installed package:
    <pkg> info <pkg-name>
  • Install a package:
    <pkg> install <pkg-name>
  • Delete a package:
    <pkg> delete <pkg-name>
  • Delete packages that are no longer required:
    <pkg> autoremove
  • Check a new package version for an installed package:
    <pkg> upgrade -n <pkg-name>
  • Check new package versions for all installed packages:
    <pkg> upgrade -n
  • Upgrade a package after confirmation:
    <pkg> upgrade <pkg-name>
  • Upgrade all packages after confirmation:
    <pkg> upgrade
  • Display which package installed a file:
    <pkg> which /path/to/file
  • Check a number of installed packages:
    <pkg> stats -l
  • Check a number of available packages:
    <pkg> stats -r